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Woodstock '94


Saugerties, NY USA






1 Gen VHS > DVD


1 Gen VHS


Liberated Bootleg DVD Pro-Shot PPV Source: Woodstock 94 was transferred from a first generation tape. Excellent audio and video from VHS source. Video: The video after it was digitally transferred was ran though a light video filter to any remove VHS noise. A small amount of color correction implemented to bring out the color. The video reminds in it's native 4:3 ratio. DVD video was encoded in a VBR format with min=2000 ave=4500 max=8000. A small amount of sharpness enhancement was used, if video appears blocky then lower sharpness on your TV. NTSC only Audio: The audio was digitally restored to remove broadcast noise. The audio was also raised by 8db to add more punch. The DVD contains Dolby Digital 2.0 (stereo) and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.
The extras come from various tapes submitted to The feature show will always be first generation but extras can be low in quality. Tracklist: 2x4 Tones of Home Soup Wilt No Rain Time I Wonder Paper Scratcher Change Deserted Soak the Sin Special features include: Full Menus and Chapter Selections MTV post Woodstock interview Don't Cry live (with Axl Rose) Japanese TV Special + 1991 photo shoot Out on the tiles video 1991 Phone interview 1993 Radio performance Good Foot Demos