last update: 2010-01-24

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Dunkin' Donuts Center ("Rock The Ink Festival Day 1")


Providence, RI USA






Kodak Easyshare MD853 Digicam > Computer > Procoder 3 > Ulead Movie Factory > DVD




Trip|Kore release
audience shot, w/menu and chapters. 30min.
on same disc:
Shadows Fall (2008-10-24).

Notes from the taper:
Great fuckin' show. But only a few hundred people made it out on this (Day 1) Friday Festival. Still well worth the 30$ to see so many great bands. Anyways, I was suppose to have enough battery left to film these guys with my miniDV. But my secondary battery died halfway through Shadow's Fall set. So I had no choice but to film with my wife's digicam. Decent quality for a Digicam, About B/B+. Other than that, the show came out great. Zoomed into the stage as they were starting, then sat the cam right on my knee for a nice steady shot of the whole show.